Immigration Assessment

Immigration Assessment

Do you qualify to Immigrate to Canada?

Thank you for your interest in Filici Immigration Services. Would you like to submit an assessment form to help you determine your changes to immigrare to Canada?

The assessment is not a legal document. The following questions will help us find the best possible strategy for you to come to Canada. All the information that you provide is confidential. Please answer the questions clearly and in detail. If you are married, live in a common law relationship or engaged, please have your partner complete another questionnaire. Should you have children over the age of 19, please have them complete a assessment as well.

All the information that you provide is confidential please review our Privacy Policy for complete details.

Please click the following link below, which will take you to the offsite Assessment and fill out the 4 step form and Please answer ALL questions. Your information will be collected confidentially and will not be shared or sold to any 3rd parties.

Answer the questions to the following form and submit