Vilma Filici

Vilma Filici

President and Senior Consultant

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (ICCRC R 410 727)

  • Over 30 years working in the area of immigration to Canada
  • President and Senior Consultant at Filici Immigration Services Inc.


  • Immigration Practitioner certificate from Seneca College with High Honours
  • Bachelor of Arts degree (York University)
  • Bachelor of Education Degree (University of Toronto)

Work Related To Immigration Law

  • Professor of Immigration and Refugee Law, Seneca College
  • Past Academic Coordinator and Professor of Immigration Practitioner Certificate Program at Seneca College,  Bow Valley College, Calgary and Univeristy of British Columbia in Vancouver
  • Past Education Director for the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants
  • Advisor and trainer of community organizations on immigration matters
  • Columnist on immigration matters
  • Radio and TV host discussing Immigration matters
  • Past President of Canadian Hispanic Congress
  • Director of Immigration Issues of the Canadian Hispanic Congress
  • Interviewed by the Toronto Star, the Toronto Sun, Ethnic media, Radio Canada, CBC
Vilma Filici President and Senior Consultant